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DAY – interior layout


JVM BIKER XXL 640 allows 4 people to travel comfortably. The driver’s and passenger’s seats are equipped with armrests, the rear double seat has an ergonomically inclined backrest and a slanted seat.

Notice the table in the back of the vehicle, which is very popular with our customers.


NIGHT – interior layout


VThe JVM BIKER XXL 640 sleeps 4 adults without compromise. You can add one more child to the spacious rear bed, measuring 197 x 192 cm. It depends only on you whether you sleep lengthwise or crosswise. You will definitely appreciate quality sleep on a 3-layer mattress that lies on slatted bed base.

In the front part, you will be greeted by an electric pull-down bed, with a king size of 197 x 125 cm. Just press the button on the control panel and in a few seconds you are already lying under the open sunroof. Your sleep will also be quality here, as you will sleep on a 3-layer mattress lying on slatted slats. You get a quality sleep here, too thanks to a 3-layer mattress lying on laminated slats.

Keep the bikes inside


The JVM BIKER XXL 640 offers an extra-large garage where you can easily store two 29″ mountain bikes or e-bikes. In such a large garage, the bikes take up little space. You’ll still have plenty of room for extra gear and luggage.

Just remove the front wheel of your bike. Then simply anchor the fork in the universal holder, which is suitable for all types of forks and axles. You can use both a fixed axle and a quick release. You can store both bikes in the garage in a few seconds. You can fix the rear wheel with a tightening strap.

Model 2022 welcoming a new bathroom


Conversion JVM BIKER XXL 640 is already equipped with a new bathroom with many conveniences. Not only women appreciate design, top quality materials and functionality. The bathroom space is pleasing to the eye. It is carefully coordinated with the overall character of the building and thanks to this it will make you feel at home.

The swivel sink, which is tastefully integrated into the furniture wall, together with two separate storage spaces, will certainly catch your eye. You can also use the opening cabinet in the upper part.

The shower corner is also hidden in the furniture wall. By opening the door, you quickly get a separate area for showering. This space is considerably larger than what you are used to in the classic bathroom of campervans of this class. Two separate drains provide trouble-free water drainage. The shower tray is made of high-quality fiberglass and you can certainly use the shower mat made of tropical wood.

The entrance to the bathroom is solved by sliding slatted doors. Overhead you will find a roof window with a mosquito net and we cannot even forget the swivel toilet, with a pull-out cassette outside the body.

PVC boards with fiberglass and boards with wood decor with high-pressure laminate are completely resistant to water. Thanks to these materials, you can have 2 in 1 in your bathroom… interior design and functionality.


Sleep better than at home


The rear bed in the JVM BIKER XXL 640 is exceptionally large. You can decide whether you sleep across or lengthwise. The size of the rear bed 192 x 197 cm belongs to the “luxury” category. We also thought about the long ones. The cupboard between the bed and the kitchen unit is at the same height, and with a small modification we are able to extend the bed part by at least another 20 cm. Then you will have a king’s sleep for a giant, with a length of almost 220 cm.

You will find plenty of storage space in the rear lockers above the heads of the rear berth. In the evening, the pleasant lighting of the lamps comes in handy, which can be set in 3 modes: standard, book and intimate. Each of them has its own USB socket, for example for recharging a mobile phone.

The absolute pearl is sleeping in the front part of the car, for 2 more adults. The electric lowering bed, with dimensions of 190 x 125 cm, is cozy and comfortable. Through the open skylight you can watch the beauty of the night sky and breathe fresh air. Getting ready for bed is a matter of seconds, you do not need to disassemble anything, you just press the button on the control panel.

The rear bed is also equipped with a sunroof, or if necessary you can choose ventilation with MaxxFan, which is an ideal companion in rainy and windy conditions.

Variabilita zadního lůžka

STANDARD EQUIPMENT   JVM BIKER XXL 640    Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroen Jumper / Opel Movano
CHASSIS   L4H3    
DIMENSIONS (cm) / l x w x h   636 X 205 X 276     
TOTAL WEIGHT (kg)   3500    
SEATS   4   front seats swivel
BERTHS   4   4 adults 
INSULATION   Walls and ceiling   Rubber insulation thickness 20 mm
    Floor   Insolated + PVC, thickness 20 to 35 mm
WINDOWS   Roof  3   Dometic, 2 x Mini Heki 40x40cm / 1x Micro Heki 28 x 28 cm (koupelna)
    Sides 2   Dometic S4,  948 x 481, , incl. blinds + mosquito
FRONT WALLS, CEILING   Plywood   Upholstered plywood + foil (fabric, leatherette, foil)
FURNITURE   Plywood thickness 15mm / 3mm   Lightweight plywood – HPL, CPL, VF
FRONT BED SIZE (cm)   190 x 125   Electric lowering, 3-layer
REAR BED SIZE (cm)   197 x 192   3-layer mattress upholstered 8 cm, with slatted bed base
GAS COOKER + SINK   double plate / cover glass   Stainless steel / Mixer kitchen faucet
REFRIGERATOR (liter)   60   Vitrifrigo C60iA, compr. 12/24V
KITCHEN drawers   3   With damping and locking
CLEAR WATER TANK (liter)   112   Lockable outdoor funnel
SHADOW WATER TANK (liter)   75   under floor
WATER SYSTEM   1   Lilie Classic diaphragm pump + Filter
BATHROOM + WC       dvsliding lamella door / furniture thickness
        2x cupboard / shower swivel partition / SV
    WC   Thetford C 223s (swivel) / 19l / electric flush /
HEATING   Truma Combi 4CP    
BOILER (litr)   10   Truma Combi
PB BOMB BOX   11kg   With went
GAS FILTER   1   Truma
SWIVEL SEAT front   2    
SEAT 2 + DOUBLE SEAT   OKB   reclining backrest and tilted seat
ACUMULATOR   LiFePo4, 100A   Victron
CHARGER   CB 516 – 3   charger CBE / 16A
OUTDOOR ELECTRICAL CONNECTION   CEE 230V / 16A   With current protector and circuit breaker 16A
SOCKETS 230V / 12V / USB    1 / 2 / 4     
LIGHTING   LED   above upper cabinets etc./ multi-circuit system
TABLE front   1   Front – adjustable folding, removable
WASTE BASKET (liter)   8    
UPPER CABINETS + SHELVES ABOVE THE CABIN    4 + 1   Door with automatic closing
GARAGE   1   modification for placing 2 mountain bikes

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to make any changes to the project?

Yes, we will be happy to discuss the necessary changes with you.

We don't want to use gas in the vehicle, is that okay?

Yes of course. Gas heating is standard, which can be replaced with diesel. If necessary, we can also solve cooking without gas..

I often work on the computer and stay outside the campsites. I need enough energy. What about it?

Solving energy self-sufficiency according to customer needs is a matter of course for us. We will design a tailor-made system for you. Each of our installations can work off-grid.

I want to buy an older van myself and have the conversion done by you. Can you advise me what type of vehicle I should look for?

You can choose from 4 manufacturers, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper and Opel Movano. All cars have the same bodywork, they differ only in details and engine. For JVM BIKER L 600, you need size L3H2 (L=Long, / H=High). For JVM BIKER XXL 640, you need size L4H3. The vehicle must not be corroded and should be in good technical condition. It should also not be demolished, especially in the area of the bodywork where the conversion will be done. It may then happen that the furniture would not fit, because we work with a scan of a new car and we have projected all deviations in the order of millimeters.


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